Design and manufacturing of industrial-strength DC power systems and utility-grade battery chargers

SENS non-stop DC power systems, mission-critical filtered chargers and engine start chargers keep vital industries in business by helping insure against the risk of loss of life and property in case of commercial power outage.

SENS is synonymous with reliability. Our battery charging algorithms bring out the battery’s full life and performance potential. SENS meticulous design and quality control delivers charger reliability as close to “bulletproof” as is technically possible. For SENS users these dual reliability advantages mean lowest risk of costly downtime.

Many customers praise our high-energy, responsive service. Everyone on the SENS team understands the critical nature of customer operations, and shares the vision that fast, accurate service is important to you. Our lean production system, for example, delivers a combination of high quality, fast delivery and competitive pricing that is unique to SENS.

SENS is a partner in the success of many energy, utility, communication, and process manufacturing companies. We look forward to becoming a partner in your success.

Products and Services - Summary:

  • Complete DC Systems
  • SCR Stationary Battery Chargers
  • Industrial Switch Mode Battery Chargers
  • Industrial Batteries, Best Battery Selectors, and Accessories

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