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Scott Manufacturing Solutions is more than a manufacturer. We collaborate with our customers to understand their system needs and identify the right solutions to solve system problems, increase efficiency, and improve system performance. We design, manufacture, & assemble powering solutions for each utility’s specific system.

Our sales engineers and customer experience team connect with our customers to understand their goals. We use 3-D modeling of our products to showcase every aspect of the enclosure design and components functionality, allowing them to envision and refine their powering solution. Fluid communication with customers from consultation to beyond installation of the final product makes customization seamless, resulting in a unique powering solution that meets all their specifications and is of quality design.

Products and Services - Summary:

  • Padmount Capacitor Banks
  • Substation Capacitor Banks
  • Overhead Capacitor Racks
  • Padmount Switchgear
  • Primary and Secondary Metering Enclosures
  • Padmount Fuse Enclosures
  • Padmount Termination/Sectionalizing Enclosures
  • Deferral Enclosures
  • Custom Pole Line Hardware

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