Phase measurement tool for identifying phase and phase angle anywhere in the field on your power system.

A leader in the electric utility, construction and forest products industries by merging excellence in engineering and science with a genuine concern for our clients’ needs.Since EDM’s incorporation in 1982, the key to the success of our consulting, research and development services has been our team of dedicated professionals and support staff chosen for their unique yet complementary abilities.In working with EDM, you will find an emphasis on personal service and satisfaction — accomplished by working closely with our clients to jointly achieve project goals.EDM is an employee-owned corporation and you will find the pride of ownership reflected in the level of effort we direct into every project.  We are proud of the leadership role EDM has earned in our industry.  We accept the responsibility that accompanies such a role.  EDM is committed to producing results that are expected of industry leaders.Reliability and innovation are our benchmarks.

We stress these qualities in our services and products.  Reliability and innovation will be what help you grow and prosper in the years to come;  reliability and innovation are what set us apart.

Products and Services - Summary:

  • PhaseTrakker AP30
  • PhaseTrakker Jr
  • ConductaClean
  • Bird Strike Indicator
  • Span Sentry
  • CartoPac

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