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Founded in 1946, International Electric Company LTD is still a family-owned manufacturer in South Korea.  Committed to customer support, IEC customized niche products to support the special needs of the traction power industry and nuclear power plants.  Over decades of growth, expertise and product development has expanded into utility quality distribution transformers, dry-type transformers, and voltage regulators.

Product Offering:

Turnkey substations, switchyards and transmission lines to 500kV

  • Electric Power & Distribution Transformers. Single/Three-Phase up to 60MVA 69kV
  • Pole-Mount Transformers. Single/Three-Phase 10-150kVA, 36kV
  • Pad-Mount Transformers Single-Phase up to 250kVA 34.5kV
  • Pad-Mount Transformers Three-Phase up to 10MVA 34.5kV
  • Automatic Step Voltage Regulators Single-Phase. Voltage: 11, 22, 33kV+/-10% up to 640A. Round and Square Tank. 32 Step Tap Changer.
IEC Step Voltage REgulator
IEC Power Transformer
IEC Pole Transformer
IEC Pad-Mounted TRansformer

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