MKI provides equipment and technical support for electric power applications involving generating, transmitting, distributing, and automating energy delivery.  Customers within our territory of California, Nevada, Hawaii and Guam include utilities, renewable energy developers, power generation plants, engineering consults, distributors, industrial facilities, and more.

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Beta EngineeringTurnkey substations, switchyards and transmission lines to 500kV
Coil InnovationCoil Innovation Specializes in the design and manufacture of power Reactors for electrical systems.
Delta Star, Inc. Power Transformers & Mobile Substations
EDM InternationalPhase measurement tool for identifying phase and phase angle anywhere in the field on your power system.
FormetLattice Towers for Transmission Lines
ITECHigh Quality, Current and Voltage Instrument Transformers for revenue metering, system protection and station power applications.
Innovative SwitchgearSolid dielectric medium voltage underground distribution switchgear with an integral visible open isolation point. Switchgear solutions include submersible, wallmount, vaultmount, single-sided and double-sided padmount for 4 kV-27 kV circuits with fault interrupting capability options including 12.5 kA, 16 kA, and 20 kA symmetrical.
LindseyTransmission Line Hardware, Emergency Restoration Towers and Sensors
Myers5-38KV Metal-Clad Switchgear, Power Houses. Telecom Power Systems for Wireless and Wireline
NGK-LOCKEPolymer and Porcelain Substation, Distribution and Transmission Insulators
Omicron Test Instruments for Protective Relays, CT's, Power Transformers, & all Substation Apparatus. Specialized tests include SFRA, Dielectric Frequency Response (DFR) & Partial Discharge. Customers in more than 140 countries
Scott EngineeringPad mount capacitor banks, substation capacitor banks, distribution switchgear, meter cabinets, and pole line hardware.
Schweitzer Engineering Labs SEL designs, manufactures, supplies, and supports products and services for power system protection, monitoring, control, automation, and metering. Solutions include comprehensive generator and transmission protection, fault indication, distribution automation and control systems, communications for critical infrastructure, and complete turn-key systems.
SMIT TransformersLarge Power Transformers up to 1000 MVA and Voltages to 800 kV. Autotransformers, GSU Transformers, Shunt Reactors, Phase-Shifting Transformers.
Southern States, LLCGroup Operated Switches, Ground Switches, Motor Operators, Hookstick Operated Switches, Circuit Switchers, Capacitor Switches, Power Fuses and Switch-Fuse Combinations.
Taihan Electric USAUnderground and Overhead Power Cable
ValmontSteel and Spun-Concrete Transmission and Distribution Poles, Substation Structures

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