Why Reps / Why MKI



Long Term Customer Relationships

Manufacturers’ Reps don’t get promoted or transferred. Limited turnover facilitates long term relationships with key decision makers at your important customers.

Access to Critical Information

Because of the long term customer relationships reps have, they have access to critical information than can make the difference between success and failure. The customer may also be more open with a rep as the customer sees a good rep as an advocate for the customer with the manufacturer.


Reps handle multiple lines that are complimentary to your products. Because of this, reps are well entrenched with multiple disciplines at your customers. Reps therefore have a complete picture of the customer’s operations and requirements. Whether an opportunity starts with engineering, purchasing, planning or operations, reps may know about it sooner than a sales resource that only deals with a single group as a result of only having a single type of product to offer. Reps can also cover multiple needs a customer may have in a single meeting because they represent multiple lines. This makes the customer’s life easier in today’s world of reduced staffing and proportionally increased work loads.

Highly Motivated

A manufacturer’s representative income is solely based on performance.

Low Cost

A manufacturers’ representative can be a cost saving solution to marketing your products. Fixed and overhead costs normally associated with a direct salesperson are covered by the manufacturers’ representative. These include support staff salaries, automobiles, air travel, hotels, telephones, computers, pension, healthcare, field office costs, and much more. The manufacturer pays a commission based on performance only.



  • Maintains long term relationships with the decision makers at assigned accounts.
  • Identify applications for the manufacturer’s products.
  • Educate the customer to the capabilities, application and advantages of the manufacturer’s products and services.
  • Coordinate factory supplied evaluation equipment, demonstrations and technical presentations
  • Work closely with the customer to get products specified as early and completely as possible.
  • Monitor the evolution of the specification and get a last look before the bid request is sent out.
  • Ensure purchasing has manufacturer on bid list and bid is received.
  • Provide any past bid history to help manufacturer submit competitive bid.
  • Review final bid for submittal to ensure all necessary bidding requirements specific to customer are met.
  • Attend bid opening, record results and supply to manufacturer.
  • Work closely with evaluating team at customer to ensure bid is clear to them and supply additional information or clarifications as required.
  • Close, we don’t close, we build relationships.
  • Get the order.
  • Act as an EDI hub.
  • Review the order and ensure accuracy with customer’s requirements and the manufacturer’s quote.
  • Track order for on time shipment from the manufacturer.
  • Co-ordinate any field effort required from factory with the customer.
  • Solve field problems
  • Inspect and document any damaged equipment
  • Ensure customer is satisfied with products and performance on an ongoing basis.


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