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NEW Product!  SEL-3622 Security Gateway
dSecurity Gateway
Manage IED passwords, secure critical Ethernet and serial communications, and create audit trails for centralized user-based access
with the SEL-3622 Security Gateway.The SEL-3622 is a router, virtual private network (VPN) endpoint, and firewall device that can provide security proxy services for several
serial and Ethernet-based intelligent electronic devices (IEDs). The SEL-3622 creates a user audit trail through strong, centralized, user-based authentication and authorization to modern and legacy IEDs. The SEL-3622 secures control system communications with a stateful deny-by-default firewall, strong cryptographic protocols, and maintains logs for system awareness. The SEL-3622 also manages protected IED passwords, ensuring that passwords are changed regularly and conform to complexity rules for stronger security. The SEL-3622 Gateway’s authentication proxy feature provides user-based single sign-on access to several Ethernet and serial devices.


  • Secure Communications over Untrusted Network
  • Routing
  • Point-to-Point Serial Over Ethernet Network
  • User-Based Access to IEDs
  • Ethernet-to-Serial Conversions
  • Password Management
  • Time Distribution

Functional Description:

  • Cryptographic Message Protection
  • Device Authentication
  • Syslog
  • Centralized, User-Based Access Control
  • Firewall
  • Secure Web Management
  • Perfect for Remotely located Distribution Device Controllers
    • Recloser cabinets
    • Capacitor Bank Controllers cabinets
    • Voltage Regulator cabinets
    • Power Quality Measurement cabinets


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